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Breaking the Lore - About


A young monk listens as his grandmother recounts a tale on her deathbed, involving strange creatures, vanishing castles and implications for who, and possibly what, he is.

Breaking the Lore is a short-ish graphic novella that will be about 50 pages long when complete.

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Oswine is a young monk from a monastery on a tidal island. Highly strung and supremely naieve, most of his knowledge of the world comes from the stories told to him by his grandmother and some of the older monks.



Aeifgifu, or Gifu for short, was the Estrith's beautiful adoptive daughter. She was a free spirit who roamed the countryside enjoying the company of nature. No one has seen her in about fifteen years.




Estrith was a midwife for many years, before coming into the care of a child later in life. Behind her calm, wise and peaceful exterior lies a lifetime of regret and worry.