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<a href=""><img title="A treasure hunter rescues a weird... coral... shark person from probable death and gets way more (and less) than she bargained for." src=""></a>

<br><a href=""><img title="Clinton and his friends have adventures, because there's nothing else better to do. This comic is mostly practice and for fun. I'd love feedback, though! " src=""></a>

<br><a href=""><img title="A young monk listens as his grandmother recounts a tale on her deathbed, involving strange creatures, vanishing castles and implications for who, and possibly what, he is." src=""></a>

<br><a href=""><img title="Marina and Daisuke(Shiro & Kuro) are finally together so love is blooming! Too bad they have no clue how to act like a couple... " src=""></a>

<br><a href=""><img title="Kihara Mei is a bold, intelligent young woman with a knack for meddling where she shouldn't. The Reiketsu-ou is the most ruthless and fearsome king her country has seen in generations, and he has his eyes fixed on her." src=""></a>

<br><a href=""><img title="After centuries of peace, the country of Briva was faced with a violent coup d'etat that wiped out the Queen, Aristocracy, and it's alliance with the formidable Pirate Alliance all in one night, known as The Rise. Ten years later, violence strikes at the impenetrable Elysium City, home of the Pirate Alliance. Attacks scatter the Lord Captains to the winds, each suspecting the others. Alice Spade, having witnessed and escaped The Rise with her family, is not about to give up another home so easily, and suspects to find answers in Briva's capitol city." src=""></a>

<br><a href=""><img title="Morgan “Moe” Trent is fourteen and knows everything. A sheltered and newly-destined hero, she must go save the spirits of her world and maybe become super popular. What she doesn't know is that she is also running into the depths of a political abyss filled with mysterious plagues and fractured lands, all leading to the dawn of a war between worlds." src=""></a> Here are some other comics that I think you should take a look at...
(Still a work in progress!)